Monday, January 31, 2011

Accentuate the Positive

That is my goal for the next four weeks.

On Sunday I weighed in and measured myself. I have been a regular gym bunny (or whatever the equivalent would be for my YMCA where the average age is probably past 60) for five weeks now. I had to cut out my runs half way through, but I've been swimming, biking, and lifting regularly. I weighed and measured in January and then after four weeks this was when I was supposed to see all my hard work.

I didn't. I lost ZERO pounds. I lost ZERO body fat. I lost an inch in the girls (the one place I would actually prefer not to lose) and about an inch total in the hip/waist area. Everything else: the same or bigger. So disappointing.

Still - I went to the gym today! And starting tomorrow I'm going to start tracking all my food and eating in the recommended weight loss range again. I was going to see how all that tracked out and then if I still wasn't seeing the kind of results I feel like I should be seeing I was going to go to the doctor. But I'm considering just going ahead and making the appointment. If there is something wrong like a B12 deficiency or a malfunctioning thyroid it's not going to go away in a month. And if there isn't anything wrong, it certainly isn't going to hurt me to have some tests run and have a general physical since I haven't had one in oh - I can't remember when.

But in the mean time I'm focusing on what when right this month.
  • I went to the gym regularly, planning out my workouts in advance and going to every planned one.
  • I started strength training again, never missing a class in January and I am stronger.
  • I took swim lessons! I can swim! With my face in the water!
  • I managed to face being sidelined with my first running injury without a single tear - just barely.
  • I listened to my body and pulled out of a planned race that I've been looking forward to for months because it was the right thing.
  • Going to the gym feels natural.
  • Before getting hurt my running was really improving.
  • Swimming is helping my stamina.
I have a lot of progress to continue working toward, but I am working. And things are changing, even if it's not exactly what or as fast as I want.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Baking Bug

I used to bake ALL the time. I grew up baking. My mom and grandmother's were great bakers (my Grand-daddy too!) and grew up helping in the kitchen. I'm sure I helped cook from time to time, but I always remember the baking best.

I love to make cakes and cookies. I used to make homemade bread on a regular basis. I used to know the recipe for Courtney's Chocolate Chocolate cookies by heart. Banana bread, muffins. I loved to make it all.

When I graduated undergrad and lived on my own I stopped baking as much. Mostly because I was no longer living with roommates (and nearby "dormmates") who could help me EAT all the goodies I would make. I would still create something from time to time, especially in grad school when we had get togethers pretty regularly, but it was never the same.

I always make (and decorate) sugar cookies at Christmas - and I'll make Chris's birthday cake, maybe a batch of brownies or cookies, or something he requests from time to time, but again - there's not that many people to share it with, so it doesn't happen with regularity.

I'm thinking that might change, however. I've started to get the baking bug again. This will mean I'll have to freeze things, find events to take yummy goodness to or fatten up the co-workers. I'm sure I'll work something out. Today I made Nick's Lemon Yogurt Muffins. DEE-licious!!

The indgredient list is simple and short. Flour, sugar, baking soday, baking powder, salt, a lemon, egg, yogurt and milk. Plus some powdered sugar if you want to make the glaze.

They came out of the oven looking loverly.

And when you pour the glaze over top of them - Wow.

The bottoms of mine got a little toasty because I think I had them a rack too low in the oven. Also, as I think I lack proper zesting skill - my muffins themselves weren't so lemony.

But the glaze more than made up for that.

Next weekend I tackle the Chocolate Stout Cake for a Superbowl party. I'm crazy excited. And it is also possible that this blog could become a walking advertisement for Macheesmo. I pretty much want to make everything I see there.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Mambo For Me

Today for the first day in over a week, I ran. It didn't go great. It could have gone worse - but I've decided I just can't chance running the 10K in just under two weeks.

I ran/walked two miles today and while my foot didn't start hurting until towards the end - it hurt even worse by the time I got home. So no more running for a few more weeks.

Just swimming and biking. And strength training.

It's hard for me, but I'm feeling like this is going to be the best decision. There is a 1 mile fun run before the 10K and I would like to go down there and run it at least.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The High and the Low

Sunday I went for a long run. It was AMAZING! I took off three minutes of my 4 miles. As I ran I had a new mantra: I am an endurance runner. I am an endurance athlete. I felt so amazing. I was smiling during mile four.

I swigged some water at the house. Bragged to the man about my amazing time and only taking two walking breaks and then I took off. I was hoping to fit in two more miles, my longest run ever, but would have also been fine with five miles.

Then around 4.5 my foot started to ache a bit. And it wasn't too much longer until I knew that I wasn't going to finish. I tried to change up the route, but it didn't matter. I covered about 5.5 miles, but I walked pretty much the last mile or so.

My foot HURT! I spent the rest of the day practicing RICE. I've never had a real running injury like this before. Sure, sometimes my hip hurt last fall, but not like this. I'm a little worried it could be a stress fracture.

I have almost cried about it so many times. It's so unfair that what started out so amazing has ended so horribly. And that I am scheduled to run my first 10K ever in just three weeks.

Today it felt a little better and I hit the gym for biking, strength class and swim lessons. I was able to do all that without causing myself any pain. And it made me feel better. I am taking the week off running. And next week I'll evaluate the pain. I'm hoping that it will continue to get better and I could start running again next Tuesday.

But I'm also facing the fact that it might not happen. I might not run this 10K. It hurts me, but I don't want to hurt myself more, so I'm trying not to push too hard. I'm thinking that I won't be going to the doctor, especially if my ankle continues to heal as well as it has in the past 24 hours. Treatment for stress fractures are pretty much rest and no running. I doubt they would even give me a boot, since it's feeling so much better already. So as I spent a lot of money at the Ortho and their fancy MRI last year - I'm not eager to do so again.

Even it I have to take a full six weeks off of running, it's going to be okay. I'm supposed to start training for my Mini-triathlon in February. I'll just focus on the biking and swimming for a few weeks. The run will only be two miles. That'll feel like cake, even if I don't have a full twelve weeks of run training.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A new beginning

How many blogs do people start? I've been trying to do a "healthy living" blog and a home improvement blog and they just haven't happened. Why? Because there is so much more to me than that.

I can't take pictures of all my foods I eat each day. Or even most. Because I don't WANT to. I certainly enjoy reading other blogs that so so, but it's just not me. We don't work on the house enough to really make that blog viable. Especially as I am just not cool enough (read: too lazy) to make niffty how-to video and things on a regular basis.

But I want a blog. I want one for me. I used to write on Diaryland and Livejournal for years. And I miss being able to go back and look at those. A lot. A lot a lot. So I want a blog. So I've thought and thought about what makes me, well ME? What am I passionate enough to blog about with regularity? And the answer was EVERYTHING!

I am interested in cooking, eating better, working out, running and racing, and living a healthier life. I'm interested in weight loss. I'm an HGTV addict and like to do decorating around the house. But I also love to read. And to write. And I love my cats. I am serious about football. I like to play kickball. I like to spend a lazy afternoon watching movies. I like to travel. I like to research random things and talk about them. I am a Ski-ball addict. My passion lies in my passion to try new things, different things and to just not be bored. I hate being bored. So this blog is about everything. And nothing. And whatever falls in between.