Sunday, January 16, 2011

A new beginning

How many blogs do people start? I've been trying to do a "healthy living" blog and a home improvement blog and they just haven't happened. Why? Because there is so much more to me than that.

I can't take pictures of all my foods I eat each day. Or even most. Because I don't WANT to. I certainly enjoy reading other blogs that so so, but it's just not me. We don't work on the house enough to really make that blog viable. Especially as I am just not cool enough (read: too lazy) to make niffty how-to video and things on a regular basis.

But I want a blog. I want one for me. I used to write on Diaryland and Livejournal for years. And I miss being able to go back and look at those. A lot. A lot a lot. So I want a blog. So I've thought and thought about what makes me, well ME? What am I passionate enough to blog about with regularity? And the answer was EVERYTHING!

I am interested in cooking, eating better, working out, running and racing, and living a healthier life. I'm interested in weight loss. I'm an HGTV addict and like to do decorating around the house. But I also love to read. And to write. And I love my cats. I am serious about football. I like to play kickball. I like to spend a lazy afternoon watching movies. I like to travel. I like to research random things and talk about them. I am a Ski-ball addict. My passion lies in my passion to try new things, different things and to just not be bored. I hate being bored. So this blog is about everything. And nothing. And whatever falls in between.

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