Monday, January 31, 2011

Accentuate the Positive

That is my goal for the next four weeks.

On Sunday I weighed in and measured myself. I have been a regular gym bunny (or whatever the equivalent would be for my YMCA where the average age is probably past 60) for five weeks now. I had to cut out my runs half way through, but I've been swimming, biking, and lifting regularly. I weighed and measured in January and then after four weeks this was when I was supposed to see all my hard work.

I didn't. I lost ZERO pounds. I lost ZERO body fat. I lost an inch in the girls (the one place I would actually prefer not to lose) and about an inch total in the hip/waist area. Everything else: the same or bigger. So disappointing.

Still - I went to the gym today! And starting tomorrow I'm going to start tracking all my food and eating in the recommended weight loss range again. I was going to see how all that tracked out and then if I still wasn't seeing the kind of results I feel like I should be seeing I was going to go to the doctor. But I'm considering just going ahead and making the appointment. If there is something wrong like a B12 deficiency or a malfunctioning thyroid it's not going to go away in a month. And if there isn't anything wrong, it certainly isn't going to hurt me to have some tests run and have a general physical since I haven't had one in oh - I can't remember when.

But in the mean time I'm focusing on what when right this month.
  • I went to the gym regularly, planning out my workouts in advance and going to every planned one.
  • I started strength training again, never missing a class in January and I am stronger.
  • I took swim lessons! I can swim! With my face in the water!
  • I managed to face being sidelined with my first running injury without a single tear - just barely.
  • I listened to my body and pulled out of a planned race that I've been looking forward to for months because it was the right thing.
  • Going to the gym feels natural.
  • Before getting hurt my running was really improving.
  • Swimming is helping my stamina.
I have a lot of progress to continue working toward, but I am working. And things are changing, even if it's not exactly what or as fast as I want.

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